Light Up The Sky For Fallen Tow Operators (6/24/20)

Last night (6/23/20), we received the heartbreaking news that the towing industry lost yet another operator due to a motorist failing to slow down and move over in Woodside, CA. Mr. Mark Alarcon, a beloved and well-known operator from Atlas Tow out of San Francisco, was assisting a motorist on the side of the freeway when another motorist failed to heed the Move Over Law and struck the tow truck, which in turn struck Mr. Alarcon and took his life. This is the eighth tow operator that has been killed in the line of duty just this year.

It is our mission to promote safety and motorist awareness regarding the law. We celebrate “Move Over Day” each October with tow truck processions and events across the state, but we need to do more. We ask that tonight, wherever you are, that you help us LIGHT UP THE SKY for Mark, and for all the tow operators we’ve lost to these senseless tragedies. Please get in your truck and turn on your lights at 9:00 pm tonight. If you have “Slow down, move over” signage, please display it proudly.

We appreciate your dedication to the towing industry. It is our sincere hope that increased awareness will result in a decreased loss of life. Thank you for serving your communities, and stay safe.




-Quinn Piening, CTTA President