UPDATE: A Letter to CA Tow Operators from the CTTA President

Tow Operators & ERS Providers,

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors at the California Tow Truck Association, I want to thank you all for continuing your important work in the face of current uncertainty. Today, I’m reaching out to emphasize and reiterate the critical importance of PERSONAL SAFETY

Since our last update, we’ve heard lots of stories in person and on social media that concern me. It’s understood that companies have set policies right now regarding passengers in the cab, etc., but there are further steps you need to take to protect yourself and the family you go home to. As CTTA has stood for the safety of CA operators for over 50 years, we urge you to practice caution when performing your work, use personal protective equipment (PPE), and review the guidelines below. While there is a serious shortage of PPE currently, there are ways to fashion protection for yourself:

CTTA strongly recommends following all governmental recommendations regarding hygiene and social distancing and the following:

  • Strongly consider wearing a facemask while dealing with the public.
  • Wear latex protective gear on your hands in addition to regular work gloves.
  • Wash your hands constantly. Did you just touch a surface you’re not familiar with? Wash up and wash well!
  • Try your hardest to be aware of your hands. Do not touch your face, hair, beard, mouth, or nose as much as possible.

    Jerome Z. of Thomas Towing, image courtesy of Tracy Lehr/KEYT

  • Wipe down any surfaces you are about to touch.
  • After you touch a surface, wipe it down for the safety of others.
  • Pay special attention to door handles, steering wheels, turn signals or other high frequency touch areas within any vehicle. Don’t forget keys, key pads and writing utensils such as pens and pencils.
  • When providing service, get in and out of the customer’s vehicle as quickly as possible. Remember your checklist and be sure to complete all safety requirements, but try to limit the amount of time you’re inside.
  • Practice 6-ft. (or even more) social distancing
  • If you’re feeling unwell and exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, do not go to work and put yourself in contact with others.

Outside of protection for you and your family, your customers have a right to know what precautions you are taking to assure them you are doing your very best fight against this pandemic and keep them from getting sick. You can access more information about your classification here and at ctta.com/help, we’ve got some helpful links and financial information for owners, which you may find useful. As your acting CTTA President, I appreciate your time and attention to this manner and wish you & your family a safe and healthy month- take care.

Quinn Piening, CTTA President