Dear Tow Operator/ERS Responder:

The California Tow Truck Association has felt it necessary to provide you with a communication regarding the current and on-going Covid-19 virus pandemic.  On Thursday March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom ordered a state wide shelter in place directive effective March 20, 2020.  The executive order mandates that all citizens of the state of California remain at their homes until further notice.  There are 16 exemptions for those who are considered “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”.  As tow operators or road service responders you are considered an essential service under the “Transportation Systems” heading.  It is the wish of the state to have people continue to access their vehicles to carry out essential functions such as procuring food and caring for others.  You may be asked to modify your business practices in the future to accommodate the crisis.

It is our recommendation to follow all of the governmental recommendations regarding hygiene and social distancing.  In addition to these measures one should consider the following:

  • Consider wearing latex protective gear on your hands in addition to regular work gloves
  • Wipe down any surfaces you are about to touch
  • After you touch a surface wipe it down for the safety of others
  • Pay special attention to surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, turn signals or other high frequency touch areas within any vehicle. Don’t forget key pads and writing utensils such a pens and pencils
  • It would be a good idea to create a policy with the governmental recommendations and socialize the policy with your employees and customers. Your customers have a right to know what precautions you are aware of and that you are taking action to assure them you are doing your very best fight against this pandemic

You can access more information about your classification at the following web site: http://covid19.ca.gov/img/Executive-Order-N-33-20.pdf

As usual you will be called upon to provide valuable and lifesaving services to the general motoring public.  Please do so safely.  As your the acting CTTA president I am proud our industry and those who own, operate and make it happen out on the road.





Quinn Piening, CTTA President