2020 CTTA Billboard Campaign

The California Tow Truck Association is proud to introduce a comprehensive campaign on billboards in 47 locations across the state! The Board of Directors approved the campaign at the January meeting in Sacramento, and we are already seeing some incredible analytics, which you can check out below.  The Board wanted to create a campaign that would achieve these main goals: 1) gain awareness from the motoring public that towing operators are, indeed, heroes on our roadways who rescue folks in distress (industry image). 2) let the motoring public know where they can find qualified, professional help on the roads (pushing our Members’ businesses) and 3) continue to share the Move Over message (safety for our Members’ operators).  CTTA Board Members & Staff believe the images below (click to enlarge) will achieve those goals! The campaign’s initial run will be from February 29-May 29. This is a rotating digital billboard display, making for a very cost-effective messaging vehicle. Check out the board images in rotation and where we’re at with analytics below:

Boards Shown 38,623 Times 47 Billboard Locations Estimated 177,218 Total Impressions