CTTA, ERSCA & JerrDan Corporation to Provide Complimentary Beginner Training

Company owners purchasing new tow trucks from JerrDan will receive free online tow operator training

The California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) and the Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) are proud to announce a new partnership with JerrDan™ Corporation. This new partnership will provide two complimentary codes to redeem for seats in Intro To Towing, an online course for new towing hires/beginners, for each tow truck purchased from JerrDan™.
Intro To Towing is a web and video based course covering the following areas of tow operator employment: Safety, Professionalism, Service Calls, Tow Truck Anatomy, and Basic Towing Procedure. Created and produced by CTTA & ERSCA, the course is designed as a solution to towing companies hiring new operators, only to have them leave the company after the intensity of hands-on certification training. Prospective towing operators who take the Intro To Towing course come away with a deep understanding of the work and professionalism to be expected from them; towing companies are then able to better retain high quality drivers.

CTTA President Quinn Piening & ERSCA President Craig Baker are incredibly grateful to JerrDan Corporation for unlocking the ability to spread essential tow operator training across the country. “JerrDan stepping forward to help provide this training to towing company employees is essential to both CTTA and ERSCA’s mission of furthering professionalism and service to the motoring public. We thank JerrDan for their incredible support,” said Quinn Piening.

Learn more about Intro To Towing: go.ctta.com/intro
Learn more about JerrDan™ Corporation: jerrdan.com

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